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We began showing Doberman Pinschers in 1985 and downsized to Boston Terriers in 2000 when we bought our first Boston puppy, Jolie.  She became Ch Bleugras Jolie' of Buena Vista, CGC, ROM* and is pictured below.   Jolie was bred by Eve Parsons (Bleugras) in conjunction with Wendy Orgren (Brindle Hill Elite) and we bought Jolie from Dorothy Heubner (Buena Vista) who  passed away on 12/15/12.  I am set up as an LLC business because I sell premium quality dog food and must collect sales tax from WI residents for both food and puppy sales.  I now have 7 families that have 2 of my Bostons.


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      Ch Bleugras Jolie` Of Buena Vista, CGC, ROM*

                                    2/5/00 to 9/3/13


   Elite Hollywood Walk Of Fame     X   Buena Vista's Royalty Sybil

                     "Einar"                                          "Sybil"


President Gerald Ford as a child

       with his Boston Terrier.


Sympathetic Boston!

Best friends........

Helen Keller with her Boston.

Our 29th President, Warren G. Harding had a Boston named Hub.  Hub would have been the "First Dog" except someone poisoned him in 1913, which crushed President Harding.


This photo is Sally Sampson, who was about 3 years old when this photo was taken back in 1944.  Sally was visiting her grandparents home in Marinette, WI, and this was their neighbors Boston.  Her son Jeff, owns our Alli who is a playmate for their rescue Boston named Chester. 


Thank you Sally, for giving me permission to post your photo!